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Choji don't die in naruto he's just very hurt but he's better thanks to Shikamaru's father

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Q: When does Choji die in Naruto is it in manga which chapter is it in and what episode is it in the programme?
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Will choji die in Naruto in 114 episode?

No. Choji Is Still Alive.

What episode of naruto does choji use his butterfly jutsu?

Original series 114

In what episode does Sai come into Naruto?

33 i thinkaround thair i am sure its right after you re meat choji

What are Choji's attacks in Naruto from Episode 1 to Episode 135?

Well,Choji's attacks are based on how fat he is. Choji comes from the Akimichi Clan. -Expansion Jutsu --Arm Expansion Swap Jutsu -Human Boulder No. Jutsu -Butterfly Chakra That's all I further know.

What episodes in naruto have someone touching sakura butt?

It occurs in episode 22 of Naruto where Naruto accidentally touches Sakura's butt as they are tree climbing and in episode 189 where Choji mistakenly touches Sakura's butt during a heated battle.

What Naruto episode that Naruto vs suske on the waterfalls?

After Neji, Shikamaru, Kiba, Choji, and Naruto set out to get Sasuke, Naruto goes on ahead 4 other times while the others fought the Sound Ninja 4. The episode he found Sasuke was Episode 128. They fought/had many back flashes from 128-134.

What episode does choji fight jirobo?

episode 113

What is the song played in Naruto episode 114 when Choji is having a flashback?

No, it is Chojis Theme (Unreleased)

How is chogi off Naruto Shippuden dating?

Choji doesnt date any Naruto Character.

Any cosplay ideas for chubby people?

Choji from Naruto?

What is the name of Choji Akimichi's teacher from the Anime Naruto?

Asuma Sarutobi.

How did Choji come back alive in Naruto Shippuden?

He was not dead to begin with.