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Q: When does Brian Kraut's as Leo Wyatt to charmed?
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Was Leo Wyatt a real person?

'Leo Wyatt' is a fictional character from The WB television series Charmed, played by Brian Krause.

Who plays wyatt on charmed?

Jason Simmons and Kristopher Simmons are twins so they both play Wyatt. and then Leo the actor who plays Leo is Brian Krause.

Leo from charmed?

Brian Krause

Will they do a charmed movie?

Let Prue Go Out The Date With Leo Wyatt Please Married Leo

Who plays Leo in charmed?

Brian Krause

Who played Leo on charmed?

Brian Krause

Who is the most powerful witch in charmed?

Wyatt Halliwell, Piper & Leo's son

Who was Wyatt's child on charmed?

If you are referring to Leo, Little Wyatt an Chris were his children. If your talking about Pipers and Leo's son ,then the answer is, Wyatt didn't have any kids. In the series he only made it to like age four.

What show gave Brian Bonsall is start into acting?

Brian Bonsall first appeared on the hit television show Charmed. He played the role of Leo Wyatt for eight seasons. He has since been a part of 3 more television drama.

In charmed what are the girls kids named?

If by 'girls kids' you mean Piper Halliwells (and Leo Wyatt) kids, the oldest is called Wyatt (Leo's second name), and the younger one Chris (after Leo's Dad). Hope this helped:)

Who is brian krause?

Brian Krause is an American Actor most well known for his role on the television series Charmed. He plays Leo Wyatt on the tv show called Charmed. His cast members are Rose McGowan, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty plus Dorian Gregory and others.

In charmed what is the name of Leos and pipers first born?

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell "Wyatt" after his father Leo Wyatt. "Matthew" after his aunt Paige Matthews and Halliwell from Halliwell :P