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they are on sale write now GO! GO!NOW!

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2010-03-17 22:47:08
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Q: When do Justin Bieber tickets go on sale?
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When do the Justin Bieber summer tour tickets go on sale?

march fifh peace

When do the Justin Bieber tickets go on sale 2012?

Since he is coming to Utah in July those go on sale in May.

Where can you get Justin Bieber tickets?

even though i dont like justin you go copy and paste link

When do tickets go on sale for Justin bieber in Utah?

American express member got an early crack at the tickets and have been able to purchase them for the last 2 weeks. But for everyone else in Utah, tickets go on sale this Saturday June 2nd.

How do you take a test about Justin Bieber and win to go see him?

you go on internet and type in take a free Justin bieber test to win free Justin bieber tickets

When do Justin Bieber 2012 tour tickets go on sale?

Yes they go on sale the 2nd January 2012 for the UK tour. Seen as everybody is asking I shares the news. Hope this helped

When is Justin Bieber coming to dublin and how to buy tickets?

Go on face book, go to Justin Bieber's page and it would have a comment that tells you what site to go on

Where do you get Justin bieber tickets?

go to Google or go to to find out more dates

Where can you buy tickets for Justin Biebers concert in nz?

you can find tickets at go to music, click on Justin Bieber and check the areas where they're selling tickets.

When is justin bieber in the uk 2012?

His tour 'Believe' is coming to the UK over 2012/2013. Justin has said that he is coming to the UK for his tour, but there have been rumours that tickets go on sale summer 2012.

When can you buy Justin Bieber concert tickets for 2012? can't buy them yet since they haven't been on sale yet.I'm trying to go to a justin bieber concert too so just check online like google.just type in justin bieber concert for 2012 like in november or december.

Where can you buy Justin Bieber tickets to Norway?

I if u want JUSTIN BIEBER tickets you will need to call ticket master or you can go on line and look up another place by using goggle.

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