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they are not in love he playing her 4 her money love luz macias

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Never it is just an storyline Vickie would never betray the late but great Eddie Guerrero

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Q: When did vickie and edge get married?
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Is Edge married to Vickie Guerrero?


Is edge really married to vickie if not is he married to lita?

he was married to Vickie but he is divorced and he didn't marry lita ever

Does edge and vicky have any kids?

NO Edge and Vickie are not really married!!!

Will Edge and Vickie get married?

No. Edge turned face by calling the wedding off

Was Edge ever married to Vickie G?

Yes as all WWE Relationships usually do. May I state they arent dating in real life and I doubt she will never move on as she still loves her husband Eddie

Why vickie leave edge?

Edge dumped vickie.