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yes he might come back at Edge and Vickie's wedding

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Q: Under taker come back again WWE?
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Will under taker come back?


What day will WWE under taker come back?

He is not coming back

Has the Undertaker retired since appearing in No Mercy 2005?

no the under taker will come back at surviver series as his old character

Did the under taker come from the dead?

no it's just a saying for him on wwe

How can under taker roll his eyes?

The undertaker uses contacts to roll is eyes back. It is almost impossible if he could ''which he cant do'' his eyes would be red and blury while fighting, so the real answear is he wears contacts. When he shuts his eyes for 5 seconds the contacts come down on his eyes, he does is thing than shut is eyes again for 5 seconds. Also the under taker is a total fake so go tell all you bestfriends he cant do that.

When was When You Come Back to Me Again created?

When You Come Back to Me Again was created on 2000-05-08.

When was Sometimes They Come Back... Again created?

Sometimes They Come Back... Again was created in 1996.

What is the duration of Sometimes They Come Back... Again?

The duration of Sometimes They Come Back... Again is 1.63 hours.

When was Will Ye No Come Back Again created?

Will Ye No Come Back Again was created on 1975-11-23.

When is undertaker going to come back?

'Taker' has been out since WM 25 with a knee injury and is scheduled to return in august or july.

When did the invader zim come out again?

It never did come back... did it?

Are the hylands coming back to dance moms?

The Hylands have left several times before but are currently back at the ALDC. I'm sure they will leave again but they have to come back since they are under a contract.