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The Beatles made two movies, A Hard Day's Night in 1964 and Help! in 1965, both starring well known English actors, and neither of which were award-winning cinematic classics, but pleasantly enjoyable comedies as vehicles to further promote them, and to feature their latest songs.

At about this time, there was also a series of short TV Cartoons featuring the adventures of the animated Beatles and their music.

In a period of self-indulgence, they produced Magical Mystery Tour in 1967, a fairly lack-lustre TV-movie about a "magical" Mystery Tour, again featuring a variety of well-known English actors, and songs from their EP of the same name.

In 1968, the same people who produced the Beatles TV cartoons made Yellow Submarine, a feature-length movie of the animated Beatles liberating Pepperland from the evil clutches of the "Blue Meanies", and including orchestral pieces from George Martin.

In 1969, the Beatles planned to make a television special, about the making of their next album, from first rehearsal of the songs to performing them for an audience. The project was ill-fated, and the "audience" ended up being their staff, as they played on the roof of Apple Corps, and the passers-by on the street below, until local police arrived to shut down the show. The footage was edited as a movie, and released to theaters as Let It Be.

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They started in 1964, with their movie named for one of their songs, "A Hard Days Night". Their next movie was in 1965, called "Help!" also named for a song, and was their first color and most popular movie. The third one was "Magical Mystery Tour" in 1967 which was pounded down by critics because the movie was unorganized. Their fourth one was "Yellow Submarine", in 1968 their only animated movie. But their last one was "Let it be" in 1969. This was another one of their better movies because it has footage of the band rehearsing for their rooftop performance. But it is rumored to be one of the many reasons the band split, as John put it, " it was stressful with all of those cameras watching us. We had to watch what we said." There is even a scene where Paul and George have a bit of a fight.

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Their first movie was A Hard Day's Night.

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Q: When did the beatles start doing movies?
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