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in comics joker had plastic surgery doneon his face

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Joker had his face cut off at the beginning of the New 52 in 2011. He arranged to have the Dollmaker cut it off.

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Q: When did joker get his face cut off?
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Why did joker cut his face off?

In the new 52 dollmaker cuts it off! But,why,is it a message for batman or he's just insane? (I hope there's a better reason) Thank you in advance!!!

How do you make the joker in doodle god?

you cut lines on its face and say ' why so serious'

How do you make joker in doodle god?

you cut lines on its face and say ' why so serious'

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What is the last level on Lego Batman?

Depends where you start off. the last level of "Riddlers revenge" is the face off where you must defeat Two face and Riddler. Very fun. the last level of the penguin chapter is also a face off. You must defeat catwoman and penguin. I am still working on Return of the joker, but im sure you will have to defeat Joker.

Is Joker stronger than Two-face?

Yes. Two Face was in danger by the police but Joker had 2 guns in his hands and shot 6/6 cops and rescued him. But there were even more. Remember in the minecraft movie of Batman, Two-face died. LOL. Joker saved him. Joker showed Two-face's goons their boss. The goons gasped.

How do you cut off face?

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Who would win the joker or two face?

joker of course two face is just a guy who burned half of his head and he has a gun joker was the best villain because he has alot of henchman,he has grenades smoke bombs and knifes so basically joker is and will forever be the greatest villain in history

What happened to the Joker's face in Batman?

The Joker's face was disfigured due to the bullet ricocheting and severing the nerves in his cheeks. When the "plastic surgery" was performed, it was not performed with the correct instruments, leaving the "grin" and turning the Joker insane when he looked into a handheld mirror. Thus, the Joker was born. Before he was the Joker he was the red hood and Batman was chasing him and he fell into a vat of chemicals which bleached his skin and turned his hair green.

Who is tougher batman 1989 joker or dark knight joker?

The 1989 one because the Joker has scars on his face. Here's 2 ways Joker 1989 beat up the Dark Knight Joker: He punched him and knocked him out. He shakes his hand.

Who would win in a fight between The Joker vs Lex Luthor?

The Joker could beat him up. The Joker would try to kill Luthor with his gun. It'll just stun him so Joker could knock him out. Joker knocked him out with one punch in the face. Joker wins.