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William Libbey died in 1927.

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Q: When did William Libbey die?
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When was William Libbey born?

William Libbey was born in 1855.

When did Edward Libbey die?

Edward Libbey died in 1925.

When did Harry Libbey die?

Harry Libbey died in 1913.

When did Joseph Libbey Folsom die?

Joseph Libbey Folsom died in 1855.

When did Laura Jean Libbey die?

Laura Jean Libbey died in 1924.

When was Harry Libbey born?

Harry Libbey was born in 1843.

When was Edward Libbey born?

Edward Libbey was born in 1854.

How tall is Libbey Genaro?

Libbey Genaro is 5' 4".

When was Laura Jean Libbey born?

Laura Jean Libbey was born in 1862.

When was Joseph Libbey Folsom born?

Joseph Libbey Folsom was born in 1817.

What glass manufacturer's mark is L?

it could be Libby. It is DEFINITELY Libbey Glass. Libbey is the only glass manufacturer that marks their glassware with the notorious Libbey script L

Is there a saint named Libbey?

Libbey or Libby derives from Elizabeth and there are a number of saints named Elizabeth.