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William Blackall died in 1941.

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Q: When did William Blackall die?
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When did William Blackall Simonds die?

William Blackall Simonds died in 1834.

When was William Blackall born?

William Blackall was born in 1876.

When was William Blackall Simonds born?

William Blackall Simonds was born in 1761.

When did William blackall leave England?

William Blackall left England for his punishment on 1788

When did John Blackall die?

John Blackall died in 1860.

When did Clarence Blackall die?

Clarence Blackall died in 1942.

When did Ofspring Blackall die?

Ofspring Blackall died on 1716-11-29.

When did Samuel Blackall die?

Samuel Blackall died on 1871-01-02.

When did George Blackall Simonds die?

George Blackall Simonds died on 1929-12-16.

When was Shire of Blackall created?

Shire of Blackall was created in 1879.

When was John Blackall born?

John Blackall was born in 1771.

When was Clarence Blackall born?

Clarence Blackall was born in 1857.