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WEll...Orton was supposed to win it from Batista at this Armegaddon..since batista has a major injury that required surgery or long rest..But batista has decided to play on with this out goes orton's plans and his duel with taker came to play again....Other than that as of now there are no plans to my knowledge...but the next champ is certainly going to be him because batista is 41 and would no be carrying the strap for much longer. Batista is 36 years old, soon to be 37 in January. Randy may be able to get the title again, if he stops his fued with Taker.

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WWE Championship 3 Times

Awarded at No Mercy 2007 - Lost to HHH No Mercy 2007

Beat HHH No Mercy 2007 - Lost to HHH Extreme Rules 2008

Beat HHH Backlash 2009 World Title 1 Time

Beat the unspeakable one Summerslam 2004 - Lost to HHH Unforgiven 2004

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During his time in 2005, he won the I-C & World Heavyweight Championship, in 2006 he won the World Tag Team championship with Edge. Then in 2008, he injured John Cena tearing his pectoral muscle causing him to win the WWE Championship twice in 1 night. Lastly in 2011, he won the World Heavyweight Champonship. Check out Randy Orton's page on WWE.Com

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Q: When did WWE Randy Orton win all WWE titles?
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How many titles did Randy Orton win?

Randy Orton has never been United States Champion in his time at WWE.

What did Randy Orton do to make jeff hardy jump off the tower and do a swantom bomb?

All of WWE is scripted. Randy Orton didn't have to do anything other then what he was told to do.

What is the biggest honor in the WWE?

If you mean all of the WWE that will be the maneger and he is Mr.MaCcmahon right now.Or if you mean wrestelers that will be The WWE Champion and he is Randy Orton

Why is WWE Randy Orton famous?

Because he liked JBL Thats why all his moves are gay

Is the fight between hhh and Randy Orton real?

No. All the fights in the WWE are mostly storylines.

Is john cena going to def eat Randy Orton?

If you have realised, WWE shows like wrestlemania and extreme rules, are acting weird. At Backlash all the titles changed, at Judgement Day they stayed the same, at Extreme Rules they changed, at 3 for all they stayed the same, at the bash they changed and at night of champions they stayed the same, which means that at Summerslam they are going to change which means John Cena WILL defeat Randy Orton and become WWE Champion.

Will evolution return to the WWE?


Did Randy Orton beat wade barrett at survivor series?

Yes Randy Orton did beat Wade Barrett at Survivor Series which caused John Cena to be fired from the WWE. After the match John Cena handed the WWE championship to Randy Orton and then they hugged. Then after that John Cena hugged all the fans and lest. Jon Cena wanted to retire because his wife had a baby and he wasn't there when she had and his moms birthday is in a few days.

Can you name all the WWF WWE Champions?

The Undertaker Edge John Cena Jeff Hardy Matt Hardy Batista Randy orton

What is randy orton's MySpace?

its the real randall orton all 1 word July 16, 2008 No it isn't. RAndy doesn't have a myspace...the ones on their stating they are him are posers. Matt Hardy and Gregory Helms both have a list of the WWE that have my spaces. If it is not on their list then they do not have one.

What is the disease that Randy Orton has?

Randy Orton has a disease where he is not in control of some of his actions. Thats all storyline, Randy really suffers from hypermobile shoulders

Can you ever meet john cena Randy Orton and batista?

Its possible. Go to live WWE shows, people run into wrestlers all the time at them.