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Randy Orton has never been United States Champion in his time at WWE.

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wwe 6 times

WHC & WWE 8 in all

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Q: How many titles did Randy Orton win?
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Is John Cena's best friend fellow wrestler Randy Orton?

They are good friends in real life. Not sure if they're "best friends".

How did rey mysterio win the WWE championship?

The first time he won it was in a triple threat match vs Randy Orton & Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania.

What is Randy Orton's 'WrestleMania' record?

Randy Orton made his first official *WWF* appearance at Wrestlemania X8's Fan Axxess, losing to Tommy Dreamer.Orton's official Wrestlemania record is 3-4:Wrestlemania 21 -- Orton loses to The UndertakerWrestlemania 22 -- Orton loses Triple Threat match against Kurt Angle & Rey Mysterio (Allowing Mysterio to win Angle's World Heavyweight Championship)Wrestlemania XXIV -- Orton defeats John Cena & Triple H to retain the WWE ChampionshipWrestlemania XXV -- Orton loses to Triple HWrestlemania XXVI -- Orton defeats Ted DiBiase Jr. & Cody RhodesWrestlemania XXVII -- Orton defeats CM PunkWrestlemania XXVIII -- Orton loses to Kane

When did WWE Randy Orton win all WWE titles?

WEll...Orton was supposed to win it from Batista at this Armegaddon..since batista has a major injury that required surgery or long rest..But batista has decided to play on with this out goes orton's plans and his duel with taker came to play again....Other than that as of now there are no plans to my knowledge...but the next champ is certainly going to be him because batista is 41 and would no be carrying the strap for much longer. Batista is 36 years old, soon to be 37 in January. Randy may be able to get the title again, if he stops his fued with Taker.

In 2004 who won the money in the bank WWE?

There were two Money in the Bank matches in 2013. The WWE Title Money in the bank match was won by Randy Orton. The World heavyweight title money in the bank match was won by Damien Sandow. Orton successfully cashed in his contract to win the WWE Title at summerslam whereas Sandow was unsuccessful

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Who will win sheamus or randy orton?

Randy orton

In wresilmania25 who wll win the WWE champion belt?

randy orton randy orton randy orton at backlash

Who will win in a street fight between Kane and randy orton?

Randy Orton

Who would win in WWE sheamus Randy Orton john cena?

randy orton

Who will win at bragging rights Wade Barret or Randy Orton?

the viper randy orton

How many fights did Randy Orton win in his career?

303 wins

Who would win between Randy Orton jbl Kane and john morison?

Randy Orton

Who will win the world heavyweight championship?

after randy orton it will be mark henry, christian, randy orton then sheamus

Who would win Randy Orton vs John Morrison?

Randy orton because he is the best in the WWE

Who will win at WWE 2010 fatal 4 way?

I Think It's Randy Orton Or Edge But Randy Orton Is The One Who Is Going TO Win..

What is randy orton's win loss record?

Randy Orton's win loss record is that he won 198 times and loss 106 times

Did Randy Orton beat sheamus at summerslam?

well i wanted randy orton to win but i think randy orton won e-mail me at to tell me the real answer