When did Triumf Riza die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Triumf Riza died in 2007.

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Q: When did Triumf Riza die?
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When was Triumf Riza born?

Triumf Riza was born in 1979.

When did Riza Talabani die?

Riza Talabani died in 1910.

When did Seyid Riza die?

Seyid Riza died in 1937.

What is the motto of TRIUMF?

TRIUMF's motto is 'Accelerating Science for Canada'.

When did Hasan Riza Pasha die?

Hasan Riza Pasha died in 1913.

When did Riza Lushta die?

Riza Lushta died on 1997-02-06.

When did Ali Riza Pasha die?

Ali Riza Pasha died in 1932.

When did Riza Sapunxhiu die?

Riza Sapunxhiu died on 2008-09-06.

When was Arcul de Triumf created?

Arcul de Triumf was created in 1936.

When was CS Triumf Bârca created?

CS Triumf Bârca was created in 2008.

Where is the Arc De Triumf?

I want to go to Paris and vist the Arc De Triumf

When did Ali Riza Seyfi die?

Ali Riza Seyfi died in 1958, in Istanbul, Turkey.