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episode 64

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Q: What episode does riza find out that roy is blind?
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Does riza hawkeye go on a date with roy mustang?

Not in any episode.

On what epsode does riza's grandfather ask roy does he want to marry her?

Riza's grandfather is never shown in the series, nor is it stated that Riza ever had a grandfather. We never find out how Roy got his abilities.

Which episode do roy mustang and riza hawkeye show feelings to each other?

In episode 30, "The Ishavalan War of Extermination," in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Age difference between riza hawkeye and roy mustang?

Roy is about a year and a half to two years older than Riza.

Does Roy Mustang ever get married?

Roy Mustang has never declared that he has a certain feeling to someone. But from his acts, he might just have feelings towards his subordinate Riza Hawkeye. In an episode of Fullmetal Alchemist, the grandfather of Riza asked Roy if he would like to marry Riza, he didn't answer it though.In the manga and anime, both Roy and Riza have strong feelings toward each other, we just don't know if they would eventually marry or not since their love life is more a side story than the main topic in the story plot.

Does riza hawkeye love roy mustang?

Yes. Roy does love Riza. There are some facts on the manga and anime that prove that they both have strong feelings for eachother. For example: when Riza's grandfather asks Roy if he would like to marry Riza, but Roy doesn't answer the question.In my opinion the fact that he didn't answer the question may just mean that he IN FACT does have feelings for her and DOES want to marry her but it's to embarass to admit it to her grandfather or anyone for that matter. Another example could be when Roy was attacked and he was close to death but Riza came just in time to take him to some medical attention before the worse could happen. So in conclusion, yes I believe Roy does love Riza or atleast has some sort of strong feelings toward her.

Will roy and riza get together in the fullmetal alchemist manga?

Possible. Last you see them is roy as the fuher and riza next to him. So either she stays as his assistant or she married him and is with him watching him also if he didn't marry riza then he either married Major General Armstrong(unlikley) or is single

Are roy and hawkeye ever going to kiss?

in the manga, riza is fighting envy, and he is posing to be roy but she knows its not him and she sais" when we are alone, roy always calls me riza", and the envy sais "so you two are toge-", and before he can finish she beats the crap out of him

Why does Riza Hawkeye work for Roy Mustang?

Because she promised to protect him

Are there any anime couples like Roy and Riza?

Yes, Edward and Winry.

Which episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist does Riza wear her hair down in?

yes but only in casual scenes like when she is attacked by barry the chopper Yes. Riza wears her hair down. When Mustang was fighting Gluttony. You can see Riza with her hair down. She also has her hair down - fallen out of its clip would be more accurate - during part of Roy's fight with Envy and during the fight with the gold-toothed doctor.

What chapters in the Fullmetal Alchemist manga are Roy and Riza a couple?

They're not a confirmed couple, although they are very close.