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Spiridon Kacarosi died in 1966.

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Q: When did Spiridon Kacarosi die?
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When was Spiridon Kacarosi born?

Spiridon Kacarosi was born in 1891.

When did Spiridon Sobol die?

Spiridon Sobol died in 1645.

When did Spiridon Ilo die?

Spiridon Ilo died in 1950.

When did Spiridon Zhevakhov die?

Spiridon Zhevakhov died in 1815.

When did Spiridon Gopčević die?

Spiridon Gopčević died in 1928.

When did Spiridon Brusina die?

Spiridon Brusina died on 1909-05-21.

When did Spiridon Drozhzhin die?

Spiridon Drozhzhin died on 1930-12-24.

When did Spiridon Markezinis die?

Spiridon Markezinis died on January 4, 2000.

When did Spiridon Louis die?

Spiridon Louis died on March 26, 1940 at the age of 67.

When was Spiridon Ilo born?

Spiridon Ilo was born in 1876.

When was Spiridon Zhevakhov born?

Spiridon Zhevakhov was born in 1768.

When was Spiridon Gopčević born?

Spiridon Gopčević was born in 1855.