When did Sixten Sason die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sixten Sason died in 1967.

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Q: When did Sixten Sason die?
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When was Sixten Sason born?

Sixten Sason was born in 1912.

When did Sixten Franzén die?

Sixten Franzén died in 2008.

When did Sixten Jansson die?

Sixten Jansson died in 2006.

When did Sixten Malmerfeldt die?

Sixten Malmerfeldt died in 1927.

When did Sixten Andersson die?

Sixten Andersson died on April 12, 1982.

What years were Saab 96s produced?

The Saab 96 automobile was first put into production in 1960, designed by Sixten Sason. It continued to be produced by Saab Automobiles until it was discontinued in January 1980.

When did Sixten Jernberg die?

Sixten Jernberg died on July 14, 2012, in Malung, Dalarna County, Sweden of cancer.

When did Sixten Sundling die?

Sixten Sundling died on August 9, 1986, in Sundsvall, Medelpad, Sweden of heart attack.

When did Sixten Ehrling die?

Sixten Ehrling died on February 13, 2005, in New York City, New York, USA of natural causes.

What is the birth name of Sixten Jernberg?

Sixten Jernberg's birth name is Eddy Sixten Jernberg.

What is the birth name of Sixten Sundling?

Sixten Sundling's birth name is Stig Sixten Sundling.

When was Sixten Sild born?

Sixten Sild was born in 1964.