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Silas Weir Mitchell died in 1914.

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Q: When did Silas Weir Mitchell die?
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When was Silas Weir Mitchell born?

Silas Weir Mitchell was born in 1829.

Is Silas Weir Mitchell in a state farm commercial?


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The cast of The Killed - 2010 includes: Silas Weir Mitchell

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Silas Weir Mitchell, who also played 'Haywire' in Prison Break.

Is silas weir mitchell of Grimm married?

yes he is! He mentioned his wife when doing an interveiew

How old is Silas Weir Mitchell?

He was born in 1969 so he is 42-43 years old. It's on his Wiki page.

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Silas Weir Mitchell, the guy from the tv series grimm This is not Silas Weir Mitchell. Here is the correct info Here is Mariel Booth & Ptolemy Slocum in a very funny State Farm commercial, who's message is ... don't believe everything you see on the internet. Mariel plays a gal who has met a supposed French model, played by Ptolemy Slocum. In the ad she is talking to Mike, and I dont know who plays him as of yet

What actors and actresses appeared in Ethan and Alan - 2002?

The cast of Ethan and Alan - 2002 includes: Robert Knott as Repairman Harris Mann as Alan Toni Oswald as Toni Silas Weir Mitchell as Ethan

What is benny weir real name?

Atticus Dean Mitchell

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Thomas Weir died in 1670.

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Stephen Weir died in 1969.