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John Ferguson Weir died in 1926.

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Q: When did John Ferguson Weir die?
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When was John Ferguson Weir born?

John Ferguson Weir was born in 1841.

When did John Weir die?

John Weir died in 1971.

When did John Jenner Weir die?

John Jenner Weir died in 1894.

When did John Weir Troy die?

John Weir Troy died in 1942.

What art style did John Ferguson Weir paint in?

Though he was not a member of either group, John Ferguson Weir painted landscape in styles similar to the Hudson River School and the Barbizon School (which might also be called "painterly realism"). In some of his later work, he showed the influence of American Impressionism, which his younger brother, Julian Alden Weir, embraced more fully.

When did John Weir Foote die?

John Weir Foote died on 1988-05-02.

When did John Ferguson - priest - die?

John Ferguson - priest - died in 1902.

When did William John Ferguson die?

William John Ferguson died in 1935.

When did John Ferguson McLennan die?

John Ferguson McLennan died on 1881-06-16.

When did John Ferguson Sr. die?

John Ferguson Sr. died on July 14, 2007 at the age of 68.

When did John Ferguson - Upper Canada politician - die?

John Ferguson - Upper Canada politician - died in 1830.

When did John Ferguson - Australian politician - die?

John Ferguson - Australian politician - died on 1906-03-30.