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sharon pratt kelly is still alive. She is 67 years old

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Q: When did Sharon Pratt Kelly die?
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Why is Sharon Pratt Dixon important?

sharon pratt kelly is importent because she was the first lady to ever be a mayor of a major

What is the names of Sharon pratt kelly childrens?

The names of Sharon Pratt Kelly\'s children is not stated, but it is stated that she has two children with her first husband Arrington Dixon.

Does Sharon pratt Dixon kelly ave any friends?

michael jackson

Is Sharon pratt kelly alive two day?

Yes, she is still alive and is 67 years old. She works for Pratt Consulting.

Is Sharon Pratt Dixon still living?

Sharon Pratt Dixon is still alive she is 67 years old

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Who ws the first black woman to serve as mayor of a major U.S city?

Sharon Pratt Dixon Kelly was the first black woman to serve as mayor of a major US city. She was the mayor of Washington, DC.

Sharon Pratt Dixon was mayor in what city during 1991-1995?

Washington, D.C.

When did Dudley Pratt die?

Dudley Pratt died in 1975.

When did Josiah Pratt die?

Josiah Pratt died in 1844.

When did Calvert Pratt die?

Calvert Pratt died in 1963.

When did Enoch Pratt die?

Enoch Pratt died in 1896.