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Robert Stewart Whipple died in 1953.

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Q: When did Robert Stewart Whipple die?
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When was Robert Stewart Whipple born?

Robert Stewart Whipple was born in 1871.

What has the author Robert Stewart Whipple written?

Robert Stewart Whipple has written: 'Some scientific instrument makers of the eighteenth century'

When did Robert Marcellus Stewart die?

Robert Stewart Sparks died in 1932.

When did Alexander Robert Stewart die?

Alexander Robert Stewart died in 1850.

When did Robert Stewart Menzies die?

Robert Stewart Menzies died in 1889.

When did Robert Leslie Stewart die?

Robert Leslie Stewart died in 1989.

When did Robert Strother Stewart die?

Robert Strother Stewart died in 1954.

When did Robert Stewart Hyndman die?

Robert Stewart Hyndman died in 2009.

When did Robert Stewart Hyer die?

Robert Stewart Hyer died in 1929.

When was Robert T. Whipple born?

Robert T. Whipple was born in 1946.

When did Robert Warren Stewart die?

Robert Warren Stewart died on 1895-08-01.

When did Maurine Whipple die?

Maurine Whipple died in 1992.