Why did Robert delaunay die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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why did Robert Delaunay die

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Q: Why did Robert delaunay die?
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When did Robert delaunay die?

Robert Delaunay died on October 25th 1941.

What was Robert Delaunay son name?

Robert Delaunay was the son of George Delaunay.

Where do you think Robert delaunay got his inspiration from?

Robert Delaunay got his inspiration from Sophia Delaunay.

Who was Robert delaunay's parents?

Robert Delaunay was the son of George Delaunay and Berthe Félicie de Rose.

What was the importance of color to Robert delaunay?

what is Robert Delaunay favorite colour

When was Robert Delaunay born?

Robert Delaunay was born on April 12, 1885.

What was Robert Delaunay and Sonia son's name?

Adam Delaunay

Who was sonia delaunay's husband?

William Uhde and Robert Delaunay

What has the author Gustav Vriesen written?

Gustav Vriesen has written: 'Robert Delaunay' 'Robert Delaunay, Licht und Farbe'

Who inspired Robert delaunay?


When did Henri Delaunay die?

Henri Delaunay died in 1955.

When did Paul Delaunay die?

Paul Delaunay died in 1958.