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Robert P. Kerr died on 1960-09-05.

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Q: When did Robert P. Kerr die?
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When was Robert P. Kerr born?

Robert P. Kerr was born on 1892-10-09.

What has the author Robert P Kerr written?

Robert P. Kerr has written: 'The blue flag' -- subject(s): Covenanters, Church history

When did Robert Kerr Chisholm die?

Robert Kerr Chisholm died in 1899.

When did Lord Robert Kerr die?

Lord Robert Kerr died in 1746.

When did Robert Kerr - athlete - die?

Robert Kerr - athlete - died in 1963.

When did Robert Kerr Hannay die?

Robert Kerr Hannay died in 1940.

When did Robert Kerr die?

Robert Kerr died on May 12, 1963 at the age of 80.

When did Robert John Kerr die?

Robert John Kerr died on 1997-11-08.

What is Robert Kerr's birthday?

Robert Kerr was born on June 9, 1882.

When was Robert Kerr born?

Robert Kerr was born on June 9, 1882.

When was Robert Kerr Chisholm born?

Robert Kerr Chisholm was born in 1819.

When was Robert Scott-Kerr born?

Robert Scott-Kerr was born in 1859.