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Rhodri the Great died in 878.

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Q: When did Rhodri the Great die?
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When did Rhodri ap Hyfaidd die?

Rhodri ap Hyfaidd died in 905.

When did Anarawd ap Rhodri die?

Anarawd ap Rhodri died in 916.

When did Merfyn ap Rhodri die?

Merfyn ap Rhodri died in 900.

When did Rhodri ap Hywel die?

Rhodri ap Hywel died in 953.

When did Cadell ap Rhodri die?

Cadell ap Rhodri died in 909.

When did Rhodri Molwynog ap Idwal die?

Rhodri Molwynog ap Idwal died in 754.

When did Rhodri ab Owain Gwynedd die?

Rhodri ab Owain Gwynedd died in 1195.

When did Hywel ap Rhodri Molwynog die?

Hywel ap Rhodri Molwynog died in 825.

How tall is Rhodri Miles?

Rhodri Miles is 6'.

When was Rhodri Marsden born?

Rhodri Marsden was born in 1971.

When was Rhodri Williams born?

Rhodri Williams was born in 1968.

When was Rhodri Evans born?

Rhodri Evans was born in 1989.