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Neville Bonner became a well-known parliamentary figure during his years as a senator in Australia. He was a respected commentator on Indigenous issues and served on numerous Senate and Parliamentary Committees. He also served as the parliamentary representative on the Council of the then Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, now called the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies.

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In 1998 he died in Ipswich

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Q: When did Neville Bonner die?
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When was Neville Bonner born?

Neville Bonner was born on March 28, 1922.

What is Neville Bonner's birthday?

Neville Bonner was born on March 28, 1922.

Who is Neville Bonner's mother?

Julia Rebecca Bonner

Why was Neville Bonner such a special man?

Neville Bonner is a special man because he was the first aboriginal politician.

Did Neville Bonner have childreen?


Why did Neville Bonner die?

Neville Bonner died from old age... He was 76 when he died and died in Ipswich. He died one the 5th of feb 1999... He was born in NSW Tweed river 1922.. Hope, this Helps :)

Did Neville Bonner have a family?

Yes, he did

Where was Neville bonner born?


Why did Neville Bonner remarry?

his wife died and he did not get remerry

What school did Neville bonner go to?

Neville Bonner only completed one year of education. This was when he attended Beaudesert State School. Bonner's mother gave birth to him in 1922 beneath a palm tree on Ukebaragh Island.

How many years did Neville Bonner go to school?


Is there any extra info about Neville Bonner?

yes, dick