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Julia Rebecca Bonner

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Q: Who is Neville Bonner's mother?
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Is Arthel Neville's mother black?

Arthel Neville was born on October 20, 1962. Her mother, Doris, was African American. She is a television reporter and journalist. Neville was the first female African American reporter for KVUE-TV.

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Arthel Neville relation to Aaron Neville?

Arthel Neville is the daughter of Art Neville, Aaron Neville's older brother.

Is Gary and Phil Neville's dad called Neville Neville?

Yes, it is known to be true that the father of Gary and Phil Neville is called Nevile Neville.

What school did Neville bonner go to?

Neville Bonner only completed one year of education. This was when he attended Beaudesert State School. Bonner's mother gave birth to him in 1922 beneath a palm tree on Ukebaragh Island.

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