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Millis Jefferis died on 1963-09-05.

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Q: When did Millis Jefferis die?
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When was Millis Jefferis born?

Millis Jefferis was born on 1899-09-01.

When did Barbara Jefferis die?

Barbara Jefferis died in 2004.

When did Walter Millis die?

Walter Millis died in 1968.

When did Frank Jefferis die?

Frank Jefferis died on 1938-05-21.

When did Albert W. Jefferis die?

Albert W. Jefferis died in 1942.

When did Harry A. Millis die?

Harry A. Millis died on 1948-06-25.

When did Keith Millis die?

Keith Millis died on 1992-07-06.

When did Alfred Jefferis Turner die?

Alfred Jefferis Turner died on 1947-12-29.

Where is the Millis Public Library in Millis located?

The address of the Millis Public Library is: 25 Auburn Road, Millis, 02054 1203

When was Barbara Jefferis born?

Barbara Jefferis was born in 1917.

When was Vaughn Jefferis born?

Vaughn Jefferis was born in 1961.

What is Joshua jefferis's full name?

Joshua Michael Jefferis