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Metaksia Simonyan died on August 11, 1987, in Yerevan, Armenian SSR, USSR [now Armenia].

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Q: When did Metaksia Simonyan die?
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What is the birth name of Metaksia Simonyan?

Metaksia Simonyan's birth name is Simonyan, Metaksia Mihrani.

When was Metaksia Simonyan born?

Metaksia Simonyan was born on January 21, 1926, in Ashkhabad, Turkmen SSR, USSR [now Ashgabat, Turkmenistan].

What movie and television projects has Metaksia Simonyan been in?

Metaksia Simonyan has: Played Anahit in "Anahit" in 1947. Played Anush in "Araratyan dashti aghchike" in 1949. Played Manush in "Hastseatiroj voronumnere" in 1955. Played Nurse in "Nra yerevakayutyune" in 1959. Performed in "Khatabala" in 1971. Played Arsha in "Kamoyi verjin skhranqe" in 1974. Performed in "Huso astgh" in 1978.

When was Margarita Simonyan born?

Margarita Simonyan was born in 1980.

What actors and actresses appeared in Anahit - 1947?

The cast of Anahit - 1947 includes: Aram Amirbekyan as Soldier Avet Avetisyan as Bahatur Frunze Dovlatyan as Vachagan David Malyan as Hrant Vaghinak Marguni as Chief of Guard Hrachia Nersisyan as Nureddin Metaksia Simonyan as Anahit Shara Talyan as Gusan

When was Gagik Simonyan born?

Gagik Simonyan was born on 1971-08-21.

When was Nikita Simonyan born?

Nikita Simonyan was born on 1926-10-12.

Who is anahit simonyan?

Anahi's Simonyan is a armenian singer. Who is married to Armenian singer Hayko.

What has the author Drastamat Ter-Simonyan written?

Drastamat Ter-Simonyan has written: 'Hodvatsner'

What actors and actresses appeared in Hastseatiroj voronumnere - 1955?

The cast of Hastseatiroj voronumnere - 1955 includes: Khoren Abrahamyan as Brutyan Murad Kostanyan as Shoe-maker David Malyan as Suren Petrovich Frunze Mkrtchyan Hrachia Nersisyan as Gasparyan Tatik Saryan as Tamada Lyudmila Shagalova as Natasha Metaksia Simonyan as Manush Varduhi Varderesyan as Arevik

What actors and actresses appeared in NRA yerevakayutyune - 1959?

The cast of Nra yerevakayutyune - 1959 includes: Elvira Brunovskaya as Anahit Tatul Dilakyan as Uncle Vartan Sergey Filippov as Piloyan Arman Kotikyan as Professor Vaghinak Marguni as Arzumanyan Hrachia Nersisyan as Wine-maker Tatik Saryan as Doctor Metaksia Simonyan as Nurse Levon Tukhikyan as Young pilot

What actors and actresses appeared in Araratyan dashti aghchike - 1949?

The cast of Araratyan dashti aghchike - 1949 includes: Khoren Abrahamyan as Farmer Aram Amirbekyan as Minas Avet Avetisyan as Arshak Agasi Babayan Gurgen Gabrielyan as Sako Stepan Kevorkov as Tatos Karp Khachvankyan as Poghos Dimitri Kipiani as Tigran Tatik Saryan as Director Metaksia Simonyan as Anush