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It has been rumored, that Laura first met Maria Desiderio on a Fan line at one of Laura's Concert. Laura would often make contact with her fans and more often than not, friendships would start. In any case, Maria Desiderio was about 6 years younger than Laura when they met and Maria was already involved with Zoe Nicholson who owned a bookstore in California called the 'Majic Speller'. From there, the relationship progressed on and off throughout the years, until the early 1980s when Laura and Maria became a 'couple'.

On a stranger note, Laura may have met Maria Desiderio much sooner than that, when Maria was 13 years old and Laura was 19 years. There has been much speculation, especially after Laura's Album 'ELI AND THE THIRTEENTH CONFESSION' and the mysterious, accompanying Photo on the back of this Album, showing Laura and a young Girl in silouhette, with Laura kissing the Girl on her forehead, that they may have been 'involved'. We may never know.

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Q: When did Laura Nyro first meet her flame Maria Desiderio?
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