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José Garibi y Rivera died in 1972.

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Q: When did José Garibi y Rivera die?
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When was José Garibi y Rivera born?

José Garibi y Rivera was born in 1889.

When did Fernando Rivera y Moncada die?

Fernando Rivera y Moncada died in 1781.

When did Lorenzo Montúfar y Rivera die?

Lorenzo Montúfar y Rivera died in 1898.

When did Arturo Rivera y Damas die?

Arturo Rivera y Damas died in 1994.

When did Alejandro Tapia y Rivera die?

Alejandro Tapia y Rivera died on 1882-07-19.

When did Luis Felipe Ramón y Rivera die?

Luis Felipe Ramón y Rivera died on 1993-10-22.

When did Miguel Primo de Rivera y Sáenz de Heredia die?

Miguel Primo de Rivera y Sáenz de Heredia died on 1964-05-08.

When was Arturo Rivera y Damas born?

Arturo Rivera y Damas was born in 1923.

When was Lorenzo Montúfar y Rivera born?

Lorenzo Montúfar y Rivera was born in 1823.

When was Fernando Rivera y Moncada born?

Fernando Rivera y Moncada was born in 1725.

How did captain Frenando Rivera y Moncada die?

He died when the Quechen Indians uprise and civil resistance

When was Alejandro Tapia y Rivera born?

Alejandro Tapia y Rivera was born on 1826-11-12.