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Manuel Abad y Queipo died in 1824.

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Q: When did Manuel Abad y Queipo die?
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When did Manuel Abad y Lasierra die?

Manuel Abad y Lasierra died in 1806.

When was Manuel Abad y Lasierra born?

Manuel Abad y Lasierra was born in 1729.

What has the author Lillian Estelle Fisher written?

Lillian Estelle Fisher has written: 'Champion of reform, Manuel Abad y Queipo' 'Viceregal administration in the Spanish-American colonies' -- subject(s): Colonies, Administration, America, Spain

When did Diego José Abad y García die?

Diego José Abad y García died in 1779.

When did Manuel Y. Ferrer die?

Manuel Y. Ferrer died in 1904.

What has the author Manuel Abad written?

Manuel Abad has written: 'Manuel y Antonio Machado' -- subject(s): Spanish Poets, Biography 'Monadic symmetric Boolean algebras' -- subject(s): Algebra, Boolean, Boolean Algebra 'On Lukasiewicz homomorphisms' -- subject(s): Homomorphisms (Mathematics), Lukasiewicz algebras

When did Manuel Semprún y Pombo die?

Manuel Semprún y Pombo died in 1929.

When did Manuel Arce y Ochotorena die?

Manuel Arce y Ochotorena died in 1948.

When did Manuel Herrera y Obes die?

Manuel Herrera y Obes died in 1890.

When did Manuel Aguilar y Bustamante die?

Manuel Aguilar y Bustamante died in 1819.

When did Manuel Uribe y Troncoso die?

Manuel Uribe y Troncoso died in 1959.

When did Manuel Garcia y Rodriguez die?

Manuel Garcia y Rodriguez died in 1925.