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John Stansfeld died in 1939.

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Q: When did John Stansfeld die?
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When was John Stansfeld born?

John Stansfeld was born in 1854.

When did Timothy Stansfeld Engleheart die?

Timothy Stansfeld Engleheart died in 1879.

When did Charles Stansfeld Jones die?

Charles Stansfeld Jones died in 1950.

When did James Stansfeld die?

James Stansfeld died on 1898-02-17.

When was Timothy Stansfeld Engleheart born?

Timothy Stansfeld Engleheart was born in 1803.

When was Charles Stansfeld Jones born?

Charles Stansfeld Jones was born in 1886.

When was James Stansfeld born?

James Stansfeld was born on 1820-10-05.

What has the author Hamer Stansfeld written?

Hamer Stansfeld has written: 'The monopoly in money, the mere instrument of exchange, a great social evil'

What has the author James Stansfeld written?

James Stansfeld has written: 'Medical women' -- subject(s): Women physicians, Women in medicine

What has the author S Stansfeld Sargent written?

S. Stansfeld Sargent has written: 'The basic teachings of the great psychologists' -- subject(s): Psychology 'Social psychology' -- subject(s): Social psychology

What is the birth name of Grey Owl?

Grey Owl's birth name is Archibald Stansfeld Belaney.

When did John Morton die?

John Morton did not die