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John Bertram Phillips died in 1982.

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John Bertram Stirling died in 1988.

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John Berchmans died on 1621-08-13.

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Q: When did John Bertram Phillips die?
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When was John Bertram Phillips born?

John Bertram Phillips was born in 1906.

What has the author John Bertram Phillips written?

John Bertram Phillips has written: 'Plain Christianity, and other broadcast talks'

When did John Bertram Oakes die?

John Bertram Oakes died in 2001.

When did John Bertram Andrews die?

John Bertram Andrews died in 1943.

When did John Bertram Peterson die?

John Bertram Peterson died in 1944.

When did John Phillips Rhodes die?

John Phillips Rhodes died in 1955.

When did John Sanborn Phillips die?

John Sanborn Phillips died in 1949.

When did John Phillips - academic - die?

John Phillips - academic - died in 1987.

When did John Arthur Phillips die?

John Arthur Phillips died in 1887.

When did John Phillips - photographer - die?

John Phillips - photographer - died in 1996.

When did John Phillips - educator - die?

John Phillips - educator - died in 1795.

When did John J. Phillips die?

John J. Phillips died in 1983.