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James Atlee Phillips died in 1991.

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James Madhlope Phillips died in 1987.

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Q: When did James Atlee Phillips die?
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When was James Atlee Phillips born?

James Atlee Phillips was born in 1915, in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

When did David Atlee Phillips die?

David Atlee Phillips died on July 7, 1988, in Bethesda, Maryland, USA of cancer.

When was David Atlee Phillips born?

David Atlee Phillips was born on October 31, 1922.

When did James Milner Phillips die?

James Milner Phillips died in 1974.

When did James Phillips - musician - die?

James Phillips - musician - died in 1995.

When did James F. Phillips die?

James F. Phillips died in 2001.

When did James Phillips Jones die?

James Phillips Jones died on 1964-12-04.

When did Charles James Phillips die?

Charles James Phillips died on 1940-06-02.

When did James Erasmus Tracey Phillips die?

James Erasmus Tracey Phillips died in 1959.

When did Atlee Ayres die?

Atlee Ayres died in 1969.

When did Samuel John Atlee die?

Samuel John Atlee died in 1786.

When did William Augustus Atlee die?

William Augustus Atlee died in 1793.