When did Jerry Nuzum die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Jerry Nuzum died on 1997-04-23.

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Q: When did Jerry Nuzum die?
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When was Jerry Nuzum born?

Jerry Nuzum was born on 1923-09-08.

When did Jack Robert Nuzum die?

Jack Robert Nuzum died in 1998.

When did Eldora Marie Bolyard Nuzum die?

Eldora Marie Bolyard Nuzum died in 2004.

When was Jack Robert Nuzum born?

Jack Robert Nuzum was born in 1921.

When was Rick Nuzum born?

Rick Nuzum was born on 1952-06-30.

When was Eldora Marie Bolyard Nuzum born?

Eldora Marie Bolyard Nuzum was born in 1926.

What has the author Wilma Nuzum Sanders written?

Wilma Nuzum Sanders has written: 'The McCrobie/McRobie/McCroby family' -- subject(s): Genealogy

Books by K A Nuzum?

the leanin`dog

What nationality does the surname Nuzum come from?


Describe the character the Jerry and why did he want to die?

why did jerry want to die and why was he a strange character

What actors and actresses appeared in The Silence of Cricket Coogler - 2000?

The cast of The Silence of Cricket Coogler - 2000 includes: John Ehrlichman as Narrator Walt Finley as himself Tony Hillerman as himself Jerry Nuzum as himself Donna Robinson as Cricket Coogler

When did Jerry Blake die?

Jerry Blake died in 1961.