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Q: What did jerry die of in the movie PS I love you?
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How does gerarld butler die in the movie PS i love you?

From a brain tumor

What is this movie with An Irish guy whose in a band?

PS i love you

Does Amanda Bynes star in PS I Love You?

She is not in this movie. Hilary Swank is the female lead in the movie.

Does darkrai die?

Darkrai DOES NOT DİE YOU FOOL PS you mustve not seen the whole movie

Jerry's favorite song in PS i love you?

I believe it is "Love You 'Till the End of Time" by The Pogues.'Till-The-End-lyrics-Pogues/25827EC69024332E48256A2600140140

Who plays Hilary Swanks dead husband in the movie PS I love you?

Gerard Butler

What is a good movie to watch for Valentine's Day?

The Vow, Valentines Day, PS I Love You...

Is Emma Watson nude in PS I love you?

Emma Watson is not in that movie, either clothed or unclothed.

Name of song that Hiliary Swank karaokes to in the movie PS I Love You?

Love You 'Till The End - The Pogues

When was PS You Love Me created?

PS You Love Me was created on 2001-06-12.

When was PS I Love You - album - created?

PS I Love You - album - was created in 1999.

When was PS I Love You - band - created?

PS I Love You - band - was created in 2006.