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Heinz-Otto Fabian died on 1990-09-16.

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Heinz-Otto Schultze died on 1943-11-25.

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Q: When did Heinz-Otto Schultze die?
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When did Arnold Schultze die?

Arnold Schultze died in 1948.

When did Walther Schultze die?

Walther Schultze died in 1979.

When did Bernard Schultze die?

Bernard Schultze died in 2005.

When did Friedrich Schultze die?

Friedrich Schultze died in 1934.

When did Carl E. Schultze die?

Carl E. Schultze died in 1939.

When did Friedrich Siegmund-Schultze die?

Friedrich Siegmund-Schultze died in 1969.

When did Walther Siegmund-Schultze die?

Walther Siegmund-Schultze died in 1993.

When did Max Schultze die?

Max Schultze died on 1874-01-16.

When did Jeanette Schultze die?

Jeanette Schultze died on October 3, 1972.

When did Paul Schultze-Naumburg die?

Paul Schultze-Naumburg died in 1949.

When did Norbert Schultze die?

Norbert Schultze died on October 14, 2002 at the age of 91.

When did Edith Schultze-Westrum die?

Edith Schultze-Westrum died on 1981-03-20.