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Hans Schmidt - priest - died in 1916.

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Q: When did Hans Schmidt - priest - die?
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When did Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt die?

Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt died in 1973.

When did Hans-Thilo Schmidt die?

Hans-Thilo Schmidt died in 1943.

What has the author Hans Peter Schmidt written?

Hans Peter Schmidt has written: 'Die Kunst der Verzierung im 18. Jh'

When did David Hans Schmidt die?

David Hans Schmidt died on September 28, 2007, in Phoenix, Arizona, USA of suicide by hanging.

When was Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt born?

Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt was born in 1900.

When was Hans-Thilo Schmidt born?

Hans-Thilo Schmidt was born in 1888.

What has the author Hans Gehlert Schmidt written?

Hans Gehlert Schmidt has written: 'Morgenogaftensange'

What has the author Hans W Schmidt written?

Hans W. Schmidt has written: 'Textil Einfuhr'

When was Hans-Dieter Schmidt born?

Hans-Dieter Schmidt was born on 1948-01-09.

What nicknames did David Hans Schmidt go by?

David Hans Schmidt went by The Sultan of Sleaze.

When was Hans Schmidt - wrestler - born?

Hans Schmidt - wrestler - was born on 1925-02-07.

What has the author Hans-Hermann Schmidt written?

Hans-Hermann Schmidt has written: 'Die drei Strategien des Herrn vom Gelben Stein =' -- subject(s): Early works to 1800, Military art and science