When did Hans Oskamp die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hans Oskamp died in 1990.

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Q: When did Hans Oskamp die?
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When was Hans Oskamp born?

Hans Oskamp was born in 1936.

What has the author Stuart Oskamp written?

Stuart Oskamp has written: 'Attitudes and opinions' -- subject(s): Public opinion, Attitude (Psychology), Public opinion polls

What has the author H P A Oskamp written?

H. P. A. Oskamp has written: 'Notes on the history of Lebor na huidre' -- subject(s): Leabhar na h-uidhri 'Ierland' -- subject(s): Description and travel

When did Hans Gerle die?

Hans Gerle died in 1570.

When did Hans Blumenberg die?

Hans Blumenberg died in 1996.

When did Hans Neuberger die?

Hans Neuberger died in 1996.

When did Hans Crocker die?

Hans Crocker died in 1889.

When did Hans Brask die?

Hans Brask died in 1538.

When did Hans Bodensteiner die?

Hans Bodensteiner died in 1995.

When did Hans Ziglarski die?

Hans Ziglarski died in 1975.

When did Hans Sittner die?

Hans Sittner died in 1990.

When did Hans Hickmann die?

Hans Hickmann died in 1968.