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Gunilla von Post died in 2011.

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Q: When did Gunilla von Post die?
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When was Gunilla von Post born?

Gunilla von Post was born in 1932.

Did Gunilla Von Post really know President Kennedy?

Of course she did. Why else would she nickname her son Jack??

Who is gunilla von post?

Former President John F. Kennedy, Jr. his "Swedish fling" A few weeks before Senator Jack Kennedy's marriage to Jacqueline Bouvier, he met a beautiful young Swedish woman, Gunilla Von Post, in southern France and told her that he loved her. It was not until nearly two years later that he finally arranged a rendezvous with Gunilla in Sweden for a week of passionate love.

When did Gunilla Bielke die?

Gunilla Bielke died in 1597.

When did Lennart von Post die?

Lennart von Post died on 1951-01-11.

When did Gunilla Hamilton die?

Gunilla Hamilton died on January 20, 1983, in Stockholm, Sweden.

What are the ratings and certificates for Die Christel von der Post - 1956?

Die Christel von der Post - 1956 is rated/received certificates of: West Germany:12 (nf)

When did Gunilla Klosterborg die?

Gunilla Klosterborg died on July 11, 2005, in Liding, Stockholms ln, Sweden.

What is the birth name of Gunilla Hutton?

Gunilla Hutton's birth name is Gunilla Freeman.

What is the birth name of Gunilla Poppe?

Gunilla Poppe's birth name is Sundberg, Gunilla.

What is the birth name of Gunilla Abrahamsson?

Gunilla Abrahamsson's birth name is Gunilla Elisabet Abrahamsson.

What is the birth name of Gunilla Nyroos?

Gunilla Nyroos's birth name is Gunilla Birgitta Nyroos.