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Grigol Lordkipanidze died in 1937.

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Q: When did Grigol Lordkipanidze die?
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When was Grigol Lordkipanidze born?

Grigol Lordkipanidze was born in 1881.

When did Grigol Giorgadze die?

Grigol Giorgadze died in 1937.

When did Grigol Tsereteli die?

Grigol Tsereteli died in 1938.

When did Grigol of Kakheti die?

Grigol of Kakheti died in 827.

When did Grigol Orbeliani die?

Grigol Orbeliani died in 1883.

When did Grigol Uratadze die?

Grigol Uratadze died in 1959.

When did Grigol Abashidze die?

Grigol Abashidze died in 1994.

When did Grigol Peradze die?

Grigol Peradze died in 1942.

When did Grigol Kiladze die?

Grigol Kiladze died on April 3, 1962.

When did Grigol Tkabladze die?

Grigol Tkabladze died on March 28, 1980.

When did Grigol Robakidze die?

Grigol Robakidze died on November 19, 1962, in Geneva, Switzerland.

When was David Lordkipanidze born?

David Lordkipanidze was born in 1963.