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George Henry Weiss died in 1946.

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Q: When did George Henry Weiss die?
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When was George Henry Weiss born?

George Henry Weiss was born in 1898.

When did George Michael Weiss die?

George Michael Weiss died in 1762.

When and where did baseball player George Weiss die?

George Weiss died August 13, 1972, in Greenwich, CT, USA.

When did George David Weiss die?

George David Weiss died on August 23, 2010, in Oldwick, New Jersey, USA of natural causes.

When was George Weiss - producer - born?

George Weiss - producer - was born in 1921.

When was Rainbow George Weiss born?

Rainbow George Weiss was born in 1940.

When was George Michael Weiss born?

George Michael Weiss was born in 1697.

When did George Henry Bernasconi die?

George Henry Bernasconi died in 1916.

When did George Henry Boughton die?

George Henry Boughton died in 1905.

When did George Henry Barnard die?

George Henry Barnard died in 1954.

When did George Henry Ellis die?

George Henry Ellis died in 1898.

When did George Henry Bosch die?

George Henry Bosch died in 1934.