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Henry Seely White died in 1918.

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George Henry White died on 1918-12-28.

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Q: When did Henry Seely White die?
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When was Henry Seely White born?

Henry Seely White was born in 1861.

Why did Henry Seely White invent the electric iron?

He didn't.The electric iron was invented by Henry W. Seeley.Henry Seely White was a mathematician and a completely different person.Related Question:Why did Henry W Seeley invent the electric iron?

When did Orange Seely die?

Orange Seely died in 1918.

When did Fred Loring Seely die?

Fred Loring Seely died in 1942.

Is Henry w seely alive?

no he died in the late 1800's

WHERE did Henry seely invent the electric iron?

new york in !**** 1880

Which awards did Henry seely white win?

Henry Ford Received an award for the Ford motor Company.Henry Ford won the Bronze Star

When did John Seely die?

John Seely died on April 23, 2004, in Oakland, California, USA.

When did Henry Graham White die?

Henry Graham White died in 1965.

When did Henry Fancourt White die?

Henry Fancourt White died in 1866.

When did Henry White - diplomat - die?

Henry White - diplomat - died in 1927.

When did Henry White Edgerton die?

Henry White Edgerton died in 1970.