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Festus Okotie-Eboh died in 1966.

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Q: When did Festus Okotie-Eboh die?
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When did Festus Hommius die?

Festus Hommius died in 1642.

When did Festus Phillips die?

Festus Phillips died on September 5, 1955, in Los Angeles County, California, USA.

Where is the Festus Public Library in Festus located?

The address of the Festus Public Library is: 400 W Main St, Festus, 63028 1844

Where was festus born?

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What is the birth name of Festus Phillips?

Festus Phillips's birth name is Festus Beauregard Phillips.

When was Festus Walters born?

Festus Walters died in 1922.

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Festus [a metal dragon] and some monsters and demons but no heroes.

When was Festus Iyayi born?

Festus Iyayi was born in 1947.

When was Festus Hommius born?

Festus Hommius was born in 1576.

When was Festus Onigbinde born?

Festus Onigbinde was born in 1942.