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Las Animas, Colorado

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Q: What town did Festus Haggen say he was from?
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Who played festus hagen?

If you mean Festus Haggen from Gunsmoke then it was Ken Curtis.

What was the name of Festus' mule?

Festus Haggen's mule was named Ruth .

What were the names of festus haggen's cousins in TV Gunsmoke?

Festus' cousins were: Lambert, Emery, Claudius, Hard Luck Henry and Catfish.....these are the ones I can recall......there might have been more.

Who was Festus Haggen?

Festus was the character name of the 2nd official deputy on the CBS series called Gunsmoke. His real name was Ken Curtis (born July 2, 1916 and died April 28, 1991)

Who were marshall dillon's deputies?

Marshal Dillon's deputies on the television show "Gunsmoke" were Chester Goode, Quint Asper, Festus Haggen, and Newly O'Brien.

Who was the first festus on gun smoke?

Dennis Weaver played Chester Good until 1964 then Ken Curtin played Festus.

When did beard stubbles become fashionable?

Beard Stubble became fashionable by Don Johnson in the 1980's. However, some believe it became fashionable in the 60's when the character of Festus Haggen was on the show "Gunsmoke".

When did Rupert Haggen die?

Rupert Haggen died in 1962.

When was Rupert Haggen born?

Rupert Haggen was born in 1887.

Is Ken Curtis from Gunsmoke still alive?

yes ken curtis played kyle kelly on the oct. 5 1963 episode known as was the last of 5 different characters curtis would play before beginning his role as festus.

When was Lois Haggen born?

Lois Haggen was born on 1899-09-16.

Where is the Festus Public Library in Festus located?

The address of the Festus Public Library is: 400 W Main St, Festus, 63028 1844