When did F. F. Bosworth die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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F. F. Bosworth died on 1958-01-23.

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Q: When did F. F. Bosworth die?
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When was F. F. Bosworth born?

F. F. Bosworth was born on 1877-01-17.

What has the author U Lindelo f written?

U. Lindelo f has written: 'Die altenglischen Glossen im Bosworth-Psalter - Brit. Mus. MS. Addit. 37517 -' -- subject- s -: Bosworth psalter

What has the author Raymond F Bosworth written?

Raymond F. Bosworth has written: 'Once a pupil, a one-act comedy-drama'

When did Joseph Bosworth die?

Joseph Bosworth died in 1876.

When did Louise Marion Bosworth die?

Louise Marion Bosworth died in 1982.

When did David M. Bosworth die?

David M. Bosworth died in 1979.

When did Allan R. Bosworth die?

Allan R. Bosworth died in 1986.

When did William W. Bosworth die?

William W. Bosworth died in 1966.

When did William Bosworth Castle die?

William Bosworth Castle died in 1990.

When did Stephen Bosworth Pound die?

Stephen Bosworth Pound died in 1911.

When did Louis Bosworth Hurt die?

Louis Bosworth Hurt died in 1929.

What has the author R F Bosworth written?

R. F. Bosworth has written: 'I am Nehoiden' -- subject(s): Biography, History, Indians of North America, Juvenile literature, Massachuset Indians