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Emperor Huai of Jin died in 313.

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Q: When did Emperor Huai of Jin die?
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When was Emperor Huai of Jin born?

Emperor Huai of Jin was born in 284.

When did Duke Huai of Jin die?

Duke Huai of Jin died in -637.

When did Emperor An of Jin die?

Emperor An of Jin died in 419.

When did Emperor Mu of Jin die?

Emperor Mu of Jin died in 361.

When did Emperor Min of Jin die?

Emperor Min of Jin died in 318.

When did Emperor Cheng of Jin die?

Emperor Cheng of Jin died in 342.

When did Emperor Xiaowu of Jin die?

Emperor Xiaowu of Jin died in 396.

When did Emperor Yuan of Jin die?

Emperor Yuan of Jin died in 323.

When did Emperor Ming of Jin die?

Emperor Ming of Jin died in 325.

When did Emperor Fei of Jin die?

Emperor Fei of Jin died in 386.

When did Emperor Kang of Jin die?

Emperor Kang of Jin died in 344.

When did Emperor Shizong of Jin die?

Emperor Shizong of Jin died on 1189-01-20.