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He didn't.

He showed up in Diatribe of a Mad Housewife telling Marge he was very sick.

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Q: When did Dr Marvin Monroe die on The Simpsons?
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What is the Simpsons doctor's name?

Dr. Julius M. Hibbert (The Simpsons' family doctor)(voiced by Harry Shearer) & Dr. Nick Riviera (voiced by Hank Azaria)

Who is the Oakland Raider's team doctor?

dr. Marvin monroe

In what order did the characters die in the simpson's?

The order is Bleeding Gums Murphy, Dr. Marvin Monroe, and then Homers Mother, who died in the season 19 finale.

Which Simpsons character was not in The Simpsons Movie?

I would wager Herbert Powell,Mona Simpson, Bleeding Gums Murphy & Dr. Marvin Monroewere not in the film.

When was Dr. Nick - The Simpsons - created?

Dr. Nick - The Simpsons - was created in 1991.

What is the name of the simpsons family doctor?

Dr Julius Hibbert is the Simpsons family doctor.

Who is the simpsons family physician?

Dr. Hibbert.

Which popular Simpson carcter died?

Bleeding Gums Murphy and Dr. Marvin Monroe died, but they were never popular.Mona Simpson died in a later episode, but it's better ignored.Maude Flanders (deceased) wife of Ned Flanders.

Did Dr Nick die in The Simpsons Movie?

He was crushed by a huge piece of glass which certainly seemed to have killed him but he showed up on the series alive & well.

Dr hibberts first name off the simpsons?


Who is Bart's doctor?

In most cases, Dr Hibbert is the Simpsons' doctor. Occasionally, Dr Nick Riviera is involved.

In which Simpsons episode does Dr Who appear?

Treehouse of Horror XBart the FinkMayored to the Mob