When did Don Zelaya die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Don Zelaya died on December 14, 1951, in Hollywood, California, USA of heart attack.

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Q: When did Don Zelaya die?
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When was Don Zelaya born?

Don Zelaya was born on March 6, 1893, in Managua, Nicaragua.

When did José Santos Zelaya die?

José Santos Zelaya died on 1919-05-17.

When did Francisco Zelaya y Ayes die?

Francisco Zelaya y Ayes died in 1848.

What is the birth name of Josephinne Zelaya?

Josephinne Zelaya's birth name is Josephinne Marie Zelaya Aplicano.

When did Zelaya Department end?

Zelaya Department ended in 1986.

What is the name of the Honduras ruler?

The current president is José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, also known as Manuel Zelaya or Mel Zelaya.

What nicknames does Josephinne Zelaya go by?

Josephinne Zelaya goes by Joey.

When was Héctor Zelaya born?

Héctor Zelaya was born on 1958-08-12.

When was Manuel Zelaya born?

Manuel Zelaya was born on 1952-09-20.

When was Nelson Zelaya born?

Nelson Zelaya was born on 1973-07-09.

When was Emilio Zelaya born?

Emilio Zelaya was born on 1987-07-30.

When was José Santos Zelaya born?

José Santos Zelaya was born on 1853-11-01.