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Dexter Lee Vinson died in 2006.

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Q: When did Dexter Lee Vinson die?
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When was Dexter Lee Vinson born?

Dexter Lee Vinson was born in 1963.

When was Dexter Lee born?

Dexter Lee was born on 1991-01-18.

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Vinson Knight died in 1842.

When did Mose Vinson die?

Mose Vinson died in 2002-11.

When did Helen Vinson die?

Helen Vinson died on 1999-10-07.

When did Eddie Vinson die?

Eddie Vinson died on 1988-07-02.

When did Maribel Vinson die?

Maribel Vinson died on 1961-02-15.

When did Rube Vinson die?

Rube Vinson died on 1951-10-12.

When did Porter Paisley Vinson die?

Porter Paisley Vinson died in 1959.

When did Carl Vinson die?

Carl Vinson died on June 1, 1981 at the age of 97.

When did Fred M. Vinson die?

Fred M. Vinson died on 1953-09-08.

When and where did baseball player Rube Vinson die?

Rube Vinson died October 12, 1951, in Chester, PA, USA.