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Dexter online does not have longer programming than Dexter on television. Dexter online is available for no fee. All seasons of Dexter can be found online.

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Q: Does Dexter online have longer programming than Dexter on television?
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Where can you watch Dexter online for free season 1?

Dexter structures his killing around "The Code of Harry", a body of ethics and procedures devised by his adoptive father Harry (who was a Miami cop) to make sure Dexter never gets caught and ensure that Dexter kills only other killers. Harry also trained Dexter in how to interact convincingly with other people, despite being a psychopath, since the murder of his biological mother, Laura Moser, did in fact turn Dexter into a serial killer. As an adult, Dexter has largely escaped suspicion (with some exceptions) by being genial and generous and maintaining generally superficial relationships. However, his attachment to his sister Deb, his significant other Rita, his stepchildren and (later) his biological son have all complicated his duplicitous lifestyle while making him question his need to kill. You can watch all episodes of Dexter online by clicking the link below.

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Dexter televisions show episodes are available to view. The way one gets access to Dexter show is to view them on Sidereel , TVshow7 and Xfinity, where they are available to watch for free.

Where can you watch Dexter online?

typer in "project free tv" on google and its the first link!

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Sidereel has dexter online

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