When did Dawn Barry die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Dawn Barry died on October 1, 2013, in Preston, Lancashire, England, UK of suicide.

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Q: When did Dawn Barry die?
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Who does Dawn like?

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Does barry loves dawn in the game platinum?

Yes of course! I think Barry loves Dawn in the anime too :) TWINLEAFSHIPPING <3

Who does barry like in Pokemon?

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What is Twinleafshipping?

It is Dawn and Barry together as a couple

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Barry can't remember Dawn when they meet in Hearthome city. It is shown that Dawn got really angry and upset when Barry couldn't remember her. He flirts a tiny bit, and Dawn does too. Another Answer: Well that depends on opinion alone (Unless, of course the creator of the episodes SHOWS it on the episode...). See, some people could say "YEAH!!" while others could say something like... "NOT GONNA HAPPEN IN A MILLION YEARS!!" So really, you decide! (Upon opinion, of course.)

How do you get nidoking eggs in Pokemon Platinum?

From Barry if you are a girl and Dawn if you are a boy.

Does barry like dawn?

I think that Barry does like Dawn. In one episode, Dawn holds his hand to see his pokétch and Barry goes off into a daze for a minute, then gets happy and starts showing it off. But when he realizes what's going on, [Dawn holding his hand] he jerks away all of a sudden. In other words, he panics. This is my opinion, so if I'm wrong, I'm sorry, but it seems highly likely that he likes Dawn.

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